Brotherhood of Satan USA 

Online Networking Site of the Brotherhood of Darkness and Shadows

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           Welcome to the Brotherhood of Satan National Office/Babylon Magistry Website! We are pleased that you came by for a visit. Unlike other so-called Satanic Organizations this organization is the oldest known historical movement of Satanists and although today we live in this present human society, our roots are found in antiquity within the earliest Pagan cultures and Mystery Schools. We are first and foremost a OFFLINE Organization that seeks to provide the vehicle for Satanists and others of the Left Hand Path to live what we believe and to meet together in Satanic Unity in order to have a true exchange of knowledge between Satanists regardless of our often diverse views at times. The Brotherhood of Satan does not endorse a herd mentality but rather a platform where Satanists as the individuals that we each are can join together in mutual understanding and tolerance. If you seek to truly empower yourself and you are a Satanist interested in doing something besides stagnation then the Brotherhood of Satan wants you. If you never have been compatable with other human beings then the Brotherhood most likely is not for you. While we are each unique as Satanists and human beings there comes a time for actual Satanic maturity to come into focus or we will never be considered anything more than what they sterio-type us to be: "The mere fringes of the Occult". The Brotherhood fully believes that when we as Satanists stand up and show that we are certainly both knowledgeable and level headed that we can effect direct change in the world view of our kindred. This website is the contact point for both online and offline actual Brotherhood activities and is the creation of the Brotherhood of Satan National Office and Babylon Grand Magistry located in Southeastern USA. "Knowledge used with Wisdom is our Way, this is the Way of the Brotherhood and it is the Way to Power".  If you like and are in support of these expressed perspectives of the Brotherhood of Satan then we invite you to consider registering to become a active member of the organization. We seek the acceptance of none but our Master the Lord Satan and we are in no way connected to any form of modern Satanism presented today. We are Satan's Infernal Family on Earth.   

       If you decide to contact us about membership in the Brotherhood be sure to add a contact phone number in with your email message. AVE SATANAS!