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Contact Us

      We welcome contact from all sincere parties. Feel free to contact us here at the Brotherhood National Administration Office either by regular mail or e-mail.    

Brotherhood National Office  P.O. Box 232,  Toccoa, Georgia  30577 USA


        If you would like to join the Brotherhood of Satan organization please go to our email address or our offline mailing address (See above) and state you would like a membership application sent to you via your e-mail or offline mailing address. Or you may copy the enclosed Membership Application Questions (Below), remit your Membership Contribution fee and send them both in to our offline mailing address. After your membership request has been reviewed, you can expect a phone call from the Brotherhood's National Office. We process Memberships quickly. There is no waiting time. Thank you and HAIL SATAN!   

Brotherhood of Satan Membership Application - Hadical Document 

1) Full Name : ________________________

2) Are you above the age of 18 years old ? : ______________

3) Date of Birth : ___________________

4) Offline Mailing Address : ______________________

5) Email Address : _________________________

6) Have you ever been a member of any other Satanic organization ?

     If so, which one(s) : ___________________________________

7) Do you believe in Satan as a literal entity ? _________________

8) Are you willing to sign your Covenant Parchment in your own blood ?  

    It is a dedication rite proving your intentions are sincere. : ____________

9) Have you ever been convicted of a felony ? : ________________

     If so, please give us a brief explaination about the charge. 

10) What is your current occupation unless you are retired ? : ________________

11) Do you agree to honor the 13 Laws of the Brotherhood of Satan which is our          code of conduct between our membership which we pledge to follow with              respect of one another as individual Satanists ? : ___________________

12) Are you interested in congregational membership only ? : ______________

13) Are you interested in becoming a leader in the Brotherhood ? : ___________

After you copy the above Application Questions with your answers included (This can also be on a separate paper) send them in to our offline Brotherhood National Office mailing address (Listed Below) with your Membership Contribution Fee of $200.00 in the form of a Bank or Postal Money Order made payable to : 

Master Counselor David DePaul. Thank you for your interest in the Brotherhood of Satan organization, Satan's true family on Earth. 

Brotherhood National Office

P. O. Box 232 

Toccoa, Georgia 30577