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       Hail Satan Everyone! I would like to address something that I would like to explain to everyone in the Brotherhood of Satan family. The Brotherhood of Satan is the new Brotherhood generation. To explain this in a much better way would be to stress to everyone what the old Brotherhood generation actually believes and exactly how we believe about certain issues. Let me begin by saying that the Brotherhood of Satan is and always will be a Black Arts organization. Yes, we ARE first and foremost SATANISTS. But we do NOT limit our Dark Occult knowledge to just the one main area or subject of interest. The Brotherhood old generation, of which both Raven and myself are direct members of, believe in many things when it comes down to the Dark or Black Arts. Almost every member of the old bloodline families that I have known and those that I still know are the most open-minded of the secretive Dark Occult societies out there in the Shadows. Yes, we have preserved our knowledge of Satanism and the Dark Arts in the utmost of secret measure as is true Satanic tradition, but we are very enlightened and very wise because of this. There are some whom believe that everything we know and all of our Brotherhood esoteric knowledge should be directly laid out for everyone to both read and use. This is not and never has been the way of the true Brotherhood. We reserved the Satanic and other Dark Art Mysteries(because in the true sense these are just that) for the INITIATES and those that truly deserve to know and understand them. This is the true way that the Ancient Mystery Schools have always transmitted their true teachings. They were NEVER transmitted to the PROFANE or those whom did not prove that they deserved to know or use them. We have all come to understand(and this is taught in the Generational Satanic Families as well) that ALL of the Occult world is under the rulership and domain of the Great Satanas. I can remember a great many years ago that a old Mason and Teacher of the Dark Occult in California took me aside and told me that it was much better to not always use the name of Satan in the public eye and that it should be good enough for me to personally KNOW that SATAN is the true GOD. The moral to that story was simple. We each will have our own perspective of how we want to be seen by those in the mundane or outer world. In the BROTHERHOOD world, we will come to understand much more about how we believe or want to present ourselves as Satanists.

       The old Brotherhood generation simply used much wisdom and very often would not even say the name of Satan outside of our own families or association of Brotherhood Generational Satanism. We followed and preserved what we were taught by what we call the ancient landmarks of our Craft. These were and still are the customs and traditional ways of doing things for us and one of these landmarks or hallmarks if ye will was SECRECY. Besides what I am saying here to you all, I wanted to stress that the older generation of Brotherhood Satanism embraces many areas of the Dark Occult. We have, and more so because of our secrecy, existed in the UNDERWORLD OF DARKNESS. This is our OWN unseen world where real Satanists, Vampires, Dark Druids, Black Order Knights, and those that practice Ancient Black Witchcraft as well as Voodoo Arts resided, and we still to this very day do. The Brotherhood of Satan is indeed the new Brotherhood generation and we would be remiss if we did not support the different Occult talents and expertise of the Brotherhood members. We encourage you to remain the great Brotherhood members and students that you each are and we encourage you to bring your individual interests and talents in other areas of the Dark Arts to the fore. This is not wrong and never would be considered by us to be. The National Office of the Brotherhood of Satan and the Satanic Illuminati Council give our blessings to everyone on their individual areas of interest. I want every member of the Brotherhood of Satan Family to know this and to know that I support the efforts that are made on the individual level by any Brotherhood of Satan member. Knowledge is POWER......The Brotherhood of Satan organization and family consists of open-minded and very knowledgeable members in ALL areas of the Dark Arts and it will ALWAYS be this way. This is just another thing about us that makes us be different then the rest of the so-called Satanic organizations out there. If they were REALLY Satanic, they would realize that the Dark or Black Arts ARE and always have been a direct part of REAL Satanism. It is Satan that is MASTER of them ALL. This is where our secretive culture has always existed. We have long stood hand in hand with the other true areas of the Dark Arts. This is what real Generational Satanists have always KNOWN and we still know and realize this to this very day.

       We call the things we have come to understand and practice, THE DARK OR BLACK ARTS because these are UNSEEN to the general population of humanity but they are very real to us in our world. It is with great wisdom that the Master Satan lets us each know and understand these great truths. Satan would NEVER want to repress anyone's individual efforts or Dark Arts interests and nor would any of the leadership of the Brotherhood of Satan or Shadow Brotherhood organizations. We are those that KNOW and those that DO......and YES, we certainly do KNOW much and it is with Satan's great wisdom that we have come to understand and accept this knowledge. Always keep a OPEN Satanic mind and NEVER be a part of a organization that would seek to stifle your own personal growth. That is NOT the WAY of THE BROTHERHOOD. A wise Master Councilor has made the following statement to you many times and after reading what I have said to you all here, it will be greater understood as was my original intention. Here it is: KNOWLEDGE USED WITH WISDOM IS OUR WAY, THIS IS THE WAY OF THE BROTHERHOOD, AND IT IS THE WAY TO POWER........  

Druwydion Pendragon