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Generational Satanism

Generational Satanism, What is it?

This is a subject in the Left-hand Path whose time has come. First, to be able to FREELY discuss an esoteric subject such as this could only be done by one whom has been an actual member of a generational family that is a part of the secret network of such families which we call Generational Satanists. These secret Old Blood Families are what has come to be called the Brotherhood of Shadows and Darkness, the Brotherhood of the Serpent, or more simply.....The Brotherhood.

Do we really exist?

The answer is YES. Generational Satanists move in hidden and mysterious ways and we like to remain BEHIND THE SCENES in most cases. That it is common knowledge that the Old Bloodlines have many skeletons in their family closets that they wish to remain there and away from prying eyes is a matter of FACT not FICTION. I was first Consecrated and Ordained a High Priest in the Brotherhood (Meaning Generational Satanism) by my Grandmother whom made sure that I was Initiated and Ordained on the oldest site in the countryside where I grew up. It was on the site of where the first log cabin in the county stood and on the bank of the DuPage River. Later, I was encouraged to form a Satanist Coven that was secretly backed by the Brotherhood known as LE DIABLE COVEN. This was the ONLY generational Satanist Coven in Northwestern Illinois at the time that was sanctioned by Moriah (or the secret Council of Generational Satanism and its Hereditary Bloodlines) in the Midwest. The Old Templar and Freemasonic influences abound in TRUE generational Satanism and this is where much of our ancient landmarks come from, and even more so....our extreme secrecy in most cases. The roots of generational Satanism are deeply embedded in the Secret Societies that were set up to preserve the old bloodlines in pure Gothic and Medieval forms. In short, we are the REAL Traditional Satanists because we do see that our Rituals and Customs of the Dark Arts are practiced according to Brotherhood and Family Tradition as it has always been handed down from Colonial America and Europe even earlier. We like to say that REAL generational Satanism is THE CRAFT OF SATANISM. The members of our Craft have secretly been behind the scenes of world events. We mold and shape our own destinies as well as the destiny of the United States of America.

Does the Brotherhood really exist?

Does the Brotherhood from time to time resurface when it is needed the most?

The answer to both questions is YES. We have a very meaningful Brotherhood expression that goes like this: THOSE THAT KNOW DO NOT SAY and THOSE THAT SAY DO NOT KNOW. What this means is this: ONLY AUTHORIZED MEMBERS that have been CHOSEN to speak as semi-public front people for the Moriah Council (The Dark Druid Council) will openly speak on cyberspace about the Brotherhood, its teachings, or its activities. We are those that SECRETLY laid the 4 cornerstones of the Brotherhood and Illuminati Pyramid of Life. Generational Satanism and its traditions teach that we REALLY BELIEVE IN SATANAS. This is our first Law of many after our honoring of the Brotherhood Ancestors that have traveled the Dark Path before us. Generational Satanists are the only Satanists that really BELIEVE in SOUL TRANSFERENCE and that upon the death of the corporeal body our souls can transfer into other corporeal bodies. The Brotherhood is a FAMILY overall and even more it is a corporation which has only Satanas as its Chairman. We use the Brotherhood Principles to HONOR our Brothers and Sisters of generational Satanism as though they were a part of the Old Bloodline deserving such Honor by their very ACTIONS and DEEDS. In short, generational Satanists do not talk, they DO. We have learned to RESPECT all Satanists knowing full well that it is NOT our way to be a disruptive or chaotic force as what is truly needed is one simple thing: BALANCE WITH ORGANIZATION. Otherwise, nothing will ever get done in the Satanic overall movement because THE VISION IS NOT SEEN BY EVERYONE, only those of the Brotherhood will ever SEE it manifested in its true Infernal Glory. Satanas has insured us of one thing however; SATANIC UNITY AND SATANIC BROTHERHOOD IS ALREADY HERE AND THE BROTHERHOOD generations are now here again to do one objective: RESTORE THE THRONE OF SATAN UPON THE EARTH AND TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY. This is the true WAR. It is NOT to be fought amongst ourselves so that we are powerless by being in a state of disorganization while those without bear arms against us, but rather with SATANIC INTELLIGENCE. WAKE UP EVERYONE, we all know what real Satanists think about STUPIDITY, which brings me to the very Controversial close to this subject matter. FORGET what you read about the SRA issue (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and that a secret organization of generational Satanists known as the Brotherhood simply does NOT exist that likes to shun the eye of the general public. The TRUTH is this and I am only giving you all some very real food for thought here.....There are a great many generational Satanists still alive on the planet although much of the old bloodline is being slowing replaced with those that we secretly sponsor. Use your own intuition about one thing. Generational Satanism reaches into all levels of society including the Law enforcement and Justice Systems. Do you really think that the generational Satanists of the Brotherhood would ever violate their own vows of Brotherhood and Family Secrecy? I think NOT. We simply would MAKE our DISCLAIMER that such an organization could not possibly exist....................... all of the while we secretly smile to ourselves while we LIVE OUR CRAFT in the honored manner of secrecy to which we have grown quite used to observing. This is for the protection of our membership. Most of the so-called Satanic activities that were being investigated in the first place were NOT performed by generational Brotherhood Satanists but rather individual and loose knit Satanist wannabes.

The Brotherhood is both POWERFUL AND PROTECTED. Our activities rarely enter the NEWS MEDIA and would be censored quickly by Brotherhood members in that industry. Many ask me the question: What can I get out of the Brotherhood if I were to apply for membership? STOP RIGHT THERE. The Brotherhood is the oldest of all existing Satanic Orgs. and we are the ORIGINAL Satanic Cult. My answer is this statement: ASK NOT WHAT THE BROTHERHOOD CAN DO FOR YOU BUT RATHER, WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE BROTHERHOOD. It is very much like Harley-Davidson, IF I HAVE TO EXPLAIN, YOU JUST WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND. At the present.....this is all I am at liberty to say on this subject. Thank you for reading this bit of food for thought on the Brotherhood Generational Menu. As Brother Ego Diabolus quite truthfully states in his discourse on SATANIC UNITY: BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE! The Brotherhood of Satan very certainly will. Generational Satanism means being a VALUE to the Master Satanas and to others in the Brotherhood family that deserve it. This is done by ACTION not words, regardless if the action is OPEN or SECRET.

I leave you all with these words by Paul McCartney:


Druwydion Pendragon