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Satanism FYI

Satanism FYI

      Satanism is a highly individualistic and spiritual religion which is of the Occult nature following the Dark Left-hand Path. Like other spiritual religions there are a great many diverse Paths to the philosophies of Satanism.    

     There are for example many different directions in the belief of Satanism and Satan himself. Some of the diverse forms of Satanism are Traditional, Generational, Theistic, Spiritual, and even those Satanists that adhere only to their own philosophy of self-deification. 

     While there are Satanists that do not believe that Satan is a real entity, there are also a great many Satanists that do view Him as such. We in the Satanic Brotherhood Clergy are the later. While there are also many allusions to Satanism and Luciferianism being very similar, they both  ascribe to a single and separate deity or entity. Although, they have for many years been used to describe the One same Dark Deity who dwells within the deepest recesses of the Darkness but is yet itself the Infinite Light. With this comprehension, this entity is then exalted by us as the great Satanas-Luciferi.

     Before the public formation of the Church of Satan in San Francisco,Ca. by Dr. Anton LaVey there existed in both Europe and the U.S.A. secretive Satanism whose members did not advertise their membership. This form of Satanism still exists and even now is undergoing reorganization. Within Satanism there are in fact two distinct factions which have been emerging, those that believe that Satanism is only a individual religion that needs no one else but themselves and answers only to themselves and can in their minds not trust anyone and those that believe that we must remain individual Satanists that must and can learn to work together in  Unity and Brotherhood and to understand and learn to earn the trust of one another. Because we are in reality the first secret society, we must pattern Satanism along the same lines. The true understanding of the Brotherhood is the realization of what this word means. A simple explanation is that Brotherhood is a concept comprising principles of Character and the right kind of human interaction between one another that makes for a solid foundation upon which the Brotherhood organization is built to last and to be able to stand the sands of time itself.

      In the Past the Brotherhood has existed by many names and in many forms and is none the less Immortal. Also because of the need for secrecy from persecution true Satanists at that time did not like to use the name of Satan publicly nor openly and thus many Dark and Occult Secret Societies of Satanists were born cloaking themselves under many guises and names. The Brotherhood of Satan is one of these connected back to these by blood lineage and ancient covenant and oath. We honor the Old Code of the Brotherhood between our Satanist Membership.

Druwydion Pendragon