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True Sign Of The Horns

The True Sign of the Horns

       Yes, I can remember it just like it was yesterday. It was 1966 and they called it the Year One Anno Satanas. Dr. Anton LaVey had decided to change the name of the Occult gathering that he held at the Black House (where the original Church of Satan housed itself) that had been formally called "the Black Circle". Dr. LaVey at the time, was considered to be another of many Dark Occultists that was directly influenced by what author Nate Freeland called "the Occult Explosion" in his book about the rise of Occultism here in the United States at that time which included Satanism, Ceremonial Occultism, Witchcraft, Paganism, as well as a number of other Dark Arts such as Vampirism, Lycantrophy, Voodoo, Shamanism, and Secret Societies such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Illuminati, and a host of others including the Qabalistic Orders and those practicing Jewish Mysticism. Of course, Dr. LaVey was hugely mistaken in the Year One Anno Satanas concept because we know that a secretive Satanist organization existed long before any public formation of the Church of Satan was proclaimed or founded.

      This secretive Satanic organization has a name that has more or less become infamous during the times upon the Earths cycles that we deem as the time when we are needed to resurface the most in the very history of our Earth. We are called the Brotherhood of Darkness and Shadows or more simply "The Brotherhood". Our organization is still as it was back then, the most highly of the secretive Satanic entities. We now have again resurfaced with a "Message of Hope" for all true Satanists that are not pleased with what we have been seeing presently (and many years before now) in what has come to be called the Satanic movement or community. In short, there has NOT been a real Satanic community before now and it is because the Brotherhood of Satan, the new Brotherhood generation is stepping up to the plate and very adamantly stating that we are tired of all of the Occult disinformation that has been circulating around concerning both Satanism and the Dark Arts and the Brotherhood of Satan is now the very vehicle for Satanic Unity and a real Satanic community that we are proving every day can and does certainly exist, contrary to the opinion of (and it is really nothing more) of the Church of Satan as it is presently functioning in the present cycle. Remember wisely that it was Dr. LaVey that self-proclaimed himself as the "High Priest of Satan" and founded Satanism in his above ground garden variety or brand. While I can agree that before this time in the history of the United States, Satanism remained the underground Secret Society it always was...I must stand strong on the issue that the Church of Satan was NOT the first church of Satan and nor was it the first or oldest (like the Brotherhood) Satanic organization. Truth is that it was the first ABOVE GROUND version of Satanism as expounded and dictated by Dr. LaVey, or should we use his real name of Harold Levey?

      The American culture at this time in American history was going through a interesting time of change. The Viet Nam War was going on, young people were rebelling against the "Establishment" or "Big Brother" and the drug sub-culture was beginning to blossom. During this time the USA experienced a direct spiritual awareness about the falsehoods that organized religion was trying to cram down everyone's throats. The Illuminati (in California) and it's secretive Brotherhood Satanic organization was directly active in the very Occult Revival we experienced here in the states back then. This was still done in utmost behind the scenes secret measure as has always been the Way of the Brotherhood. This is relevant to what I am now going to reveal about "The True Sign of the Horns". You can read the Satanic Bible as authored by Dr. LaVey and there are many things in it that have not been properly explained. This may be because at that time things were much different then they are now as far as the Dark Occult goes. Things to do with the Dark Arts were simply kept more closed mouthed then now in what the Brotherhood calls the "Real" New Age of Satan. Dr. LaVey knew a great many Satanists that actually did really believe in Satan as being very real entity and not just a symbolic ideal. These Satanists often would not speak of (being sworn to secrecy by the Brotherhood) this fact in the public eye. In fact many did not use the name Satanist or Satan in the limelight ever! But none the less Dr.LaVey knew a great many of them as the Dark Brotherhood always observed the activities of Dr. LaVey and the early COS. Many of the Brotherhood Satanists that knew LaVey or that LaVey himself knew, were Brotherhood Generational Satanists that were involved directly in both the Film and Music Industries. Some of the Brotherhood Satanists were mildly amused with Dr. LaVey's brand of Satanism while others were just plain disgusted by it as they followed their own ancient landmark with strong conviction which was that secrecy is paramount to the very protection of Satanists and other Dark Arts Practitioners. You will also take special note to what I now say to you. You will read in the very words of Dr. LaVey in the Satanic Bible (although he was way ahead of his time in stating it and he was NOT really authorized by the Brotherhood to do so) where he states these words: "the Sign of the Horns is appearing to many now then before, stand up and be recognized". Read between the lines here on that statement for me for a minute. The actual Sign of the Horns was ALWAYS a Satanic Brotherhood sign or mode of recognition between members of the Shadow Brotherhood. It is apparent that Dr. LaVey HAD to know something about secretive Brotherhood Generational Satanism then! This Sign was only used in its secret  measure by members of Satanic Generational Families up to the point it was first shown in the public onstage by the Band "Coven" in 1968. 

       The lead singer (and I am proud to say personal friend of mine) Jinx Dawson was the very FIRST to show this Sign onstage. This was BEFORE Ronny James Dio, or Black Sabbath, or the Rolling Stones, ever used a corrupted version of the "Sign". All of this can be collaborated by both myself (being a young Brotherhood High Priest at that time) and the musician and lead guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin. Now, let's move another step closer on the Satanic Truth about "The True Sign of the Horns". Take notice that on the very back cover of the Satanic Bible you will see a picture of Dr. LaVey with one arm over the other and his left hand is showing what? YES! He is showing the "Sign of the Horns" in the true Generational Brotherhood of Satan form! What's up with that? He is acknowledging(for those who knew)that the Brotherhood Sign of the Horns was destined to become the most important sign of recognition between the true Children of Darkness as was ordained a great many years before any public formation of the Church of Satan. You will certainly see many forms of the Sign being shown in both the private and public sector but in reality there really is a true form to show the Sign in its accurate portrayal and this has only just recently been revealed again to those that know and understand now in these modern times. Again, I will correctly state that it was Coven and High Priestess Jinx Dawson that showed this Sign FIRST in the public in 1968 onstage and she like myself learned it from our families before that. So to those that may want to dispute this, you have no leg to stand on. The true fact about the importance of the "true Sign of the Horns" was not meant to be understood back in the 1960s, but rather is meant to be presented in its proper form and usage HERE AND NOW in what the Brotherhood calls (and in the most enlightened sense) the beginning of the true "REAL" Age of Satan. This is the time that SATAN has ordained for thousands of Satanists to emerge from the  Shadows of the Underworld of Darkness to reclaim our Earth after over several thousands of years of repression of the Human Nature by the false and truly evil christian religion. Let us UNITE under the "True Sign of the Horns" understanding that we are each individuals that are wise enough to stand in Unity and in Strength against those without. The sharing of our Satanic Craft and Knowledge reflects the true greatness of the Satanist that is measured by actions and deeds instead of lip service. In short, "The True Sign of the Horns" to EVERY Satanist represents our acknowledgement of the following concept and ideal that is of the utmost importance to us each as Satanists living here and now in these times: "WE WON'T WAIT ANY LONGER WE ARE STRONGER THEN BEFORE"! I echo the words of Dr. LaVey with great conviction with much more meaning then in our past: "The Sign of the Horns is indeed appearing to many, stand forth to be recognized"! Many are CALLED, the few with understanding are CHOSEN...I charge thee all to KNOW it is time to "come home"!

Druwydion Pendragon