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What Makes Us Different?

The Brotherhood of Satan, What makes us different?

      This is a question that has many interesting answers......The Brotherhood of Satan is the new Brotherhood generation that has been secretly sponsored by the old Brotherhood generation. That generation claims acceptance and lineage only to its own bloodlines and SATAN. No other Satanic organization can make this claim and it be a truthful statement.

What makes us different are a great many noticed things:

      First, we really BELIEVE in SATAN and it is SATAN that has the only true authority
 over us. We care not if we are accepted by the other so-called Satanic organizations and groups because we merely must be accepted by Satan and our own true selves. We are those that acknowledge the other forms of the Black Arts as being Arts that belong to the Darkness and over which only Satan truly holds rule over. We do not say that the Brotherhood of Satan can only be made up of SATANISTS only and not open to others of the Black Arts.

We are not a close-minded Satanic organization.....we are rather the most open-minded
and the most wise of all of them.

      The Brotherhood of Satan is also different because as a organization we style ourselves as
 a true Satanic family of Dark Occultists that is a growing entity all of its own. We come in honor and respect to Satan’s Brotherhood all on equal ground with one another and with respect of one another as we realize that we each have been chosen by Satan to be a individual part of Satan’s family. This is a true Brotherhood in its greatest and highest sense. What makes us different is because we can come TOGETHER in this honor and respect for one another and thereby excel each in our own measure. This individual measure is with the fullest of our potential coming out, without restriction to our growth as souls that belong only to Satan.

      We are different because we understand that Satan wants the very best in his Brotherhood
 on earth because it is the Brotherhood of Satan that shall show the way to Satanic Unity and Brotherhood on earth. We are different because we know and understand Satan’s Will and Infernal Ordinance and because we will not let Satan nor ourselves down.

     We are different because we are each honored by our actions and deeds in the 
 Brotherhood of Satan which makes our attainments unlimited and our mark being made as members of Satan’s own CRAFT.

     We are different because we have no need to put others down to raise ourselves up 
 because we already stand above all other Satanists because of our own individual greatness as Satanists of strength and wisdom.

     We are different because we do not state that other Satanic organizations have the
 monopoly on Satanism because we know that Satan’s underground organization has existed thousands of years before any modern above ground form of Satanism ever came into being. We are different because the Brotherhood of Satan does not want followers, we want leaders.

     We are different because we are bound to Satan and to each other by our very blood and
 obligation of oath as belonging only to Satan. We are different because we know that bringing many into Satan’s true Satanic family on earth shall insure our legacy and form the most powerful Satanic support group ever imagined in the mind of human thinking.

     We are different because we KNOW that this is TRUE SATANIC POWER. We are 
 different because we have gone back to the very roots of Satanism on Earth and understand that SATAN has been behind every historical event of greatness and is the true champion of SELF-LIBERTY.

     We are different because we are truly LIBERATED from false thinking and the false
 presentation of real Satanism. We are different because we only have to believe in ourselves and Satan will bless our undertakings.

     We are different because we are the only Satanic organization that is by the Brotherhood,
 of the Brotherhood, and for the Brotherhood, while we can still retain our own Satanic individuality.

     What makes us different? EVERYTHING! We are different because true Satanic Power 
 is ours for the taking. We are different because we know that this is Satan’s gift to each of us. But most of all, we are different because we have dedicated our hearts and souls to Satan and we LIVE Satanism to the fullest of measure.

     The Brotherhood of Satan, What makes us different? The answer is wrapped up by two
 words: WE DO!!!!

Druwydion Pendragon